Mumps vaccine failure

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Mumps is part of the MMR vaccine. The vaccine is said to protect men against testicular inflammation/orchitis, although perhaps the opposite is the truth in this case. In recent years it has emerged that vaccination has shifted the proportion of vulnerable from pre-to post pubertal. It has been tried to incorporate the second dose of the vaccine but this has had no appreciable effect. Still we see that young adults aged 18-24 are affected. The disease which previously affected child – was until the late 1980`s  regarded as relatively harmless. British National Formulary wrote this about the disease as late as 1985:

“Since mumps and its Complications are very rarely serious there is little indication for routine mumps vaccination”

Falsified data on the efficacy of mumps vaccine:

According to the two virologists Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski the pharmaceutical company Merck have falsified research data on the mumps vaccine. The researchers who are both former employees of Merck accuses the company of a number of factors related to false claims about vaccine efficacy – which is estimated to 95% according to fabricated data:

Apparently, the test material in the form of blood samples have been added antibodies from animals to give an impression of satisfactory immunological reactions:

Merck also added animal antibodies to blood samples to achieve more favorable test results, though it knew that the human immune system would never produce such antibodies, and that the antibodies created a laboratory testing scenario that “did not in any way correspond to, correlate with, or represent real life … virus neutralization in vaccinated people,” according to the complaint.

Merck have then used the false data to gain government vaccine contracts and to some extent market monopoly.


Mumps Outbreaks in fully vaccinated population:

The consequences of the fact that the vaccine do not have the effect envisaged – is repeated outbreaks of disease in vaccinated. Recent years such outbreaks is seen in many different of parts of the world. Typically, as mentioned, the age group affected is found among adolescents and adults with waning and weak vaccine immunity. Even 18 years after the U.S. introduced the second dose of the vaccine – we see epidemics of the disease in the mentioned group of population:

Most of the college student who got the mumps in a big outbreak in 2006 had received the recommended two shots Vaccine, According to a study raises questions about That Whether a new Vaccine or another booster shot is needed.

The outbreak was the biggest in the U.S. since shortly before states Began requiring a second shot for youngsters in 1990.

Nearly 6600 people became sick with the mumps, mostly in eight Midwest states Including Nebraska, and the hardest-hit group was college students ages 24 18:02 Of Those in That group who knew Whether They had Been vaccinated, 84 Percent had two mumps shots, According to the study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments.

The same conditions are to be found in other parts of the world. Israel has experienced a peak in mumps cases, also in the age group affected adolescents and young adults. The reason that far less over 30 years is affected can be explained by this group on a large-scale has had the disease naturally and thus have adequate immunity. So far, one out of 105 cases in Israel since September 2011 resulted in testicular inflammation.

Studies confirm the discouraging results of mumps vaccination:

Various studies have looked at mumps vaccine effect in accordance with the outbreak in the population. Also here we find that the victims are fully vaccinated. Even some of the supposedly better vaccine strains seem to have depressing effect and impact rate is down to 61.1%

98% of the sick were vaccinated:

The research points out that the vaccine has so little effect that public health is by no means ensured. Repeated studies tell of “Vaccine-failure”

Mumps outbreak in highly vaccinated population. Evidence for Large Scale Vaccine failure.

In this study from 1995, 5 years after the U.S. introduced two doses of MMR vaccine it is pointed out that the term “highly vaccinated population” refers to more than 95% vaccination coverage among those affected. Mon retrieve already mentioned, this corresponds to figures from 2008 with an outbreak of 6600 affected aged 18-24 years – where 84% of those affected had received 2 doses of vaccine.

Newly vaccinated can be infectious:

Infection from newly vaccinated is a known phenomenon. A study from 2011 found that the chance was low but present. Infection was observed in family members in the form of siblings to the newly vaccinated. This phenomenon was already known in 1967 through the use of live vaccines. Infection from newly vaccinated children to fathers with weak vaccine immunity is a phenomenon we must assume to become acquainted with in the years to come.

Mumps vaccine can cause testicular inflammation / orchitis:

The mumps vaccine can also cause testicular inflammation, because the virus that is injected is alive, it can thus provide the same complications as a mumps infection. The incidence is relatively low, one can assume that one of the reasons rely on the fact that it is largely prepubertal who are vaccinated. The incidence of orchitis in prepubertal are generally low. It is likely that the incidence of testicular inflammation will increase if adult males are vaccinated to a more frequent extent.

Reasons mumps vaccination can be requested:

There are various questions that may arise according to mumps vaccination and the possible lack of common sense:

1.Britiske health officials pointed out that the disease was considered harmless to the degree that vaccination could not be defended as late as 1985.

2. Mumps vaccine itself can cause orchitis.

3. We see the issue of repeated mumps epidemics – that confirms the vaccine is in no way optimal or work as expected.

4. The result of the lack of vaccine efficacy and the observed age shift will dispose for increased risk of orchitis with potential for sterility.

5. The vaccine itself can be a source of infection, which puts low vaccine immune men at risk of becoming infected.

6. The manufacturer is accused of falsifying the blood sample material in their efficacy studies which implies a false sense of security among the vaccinated.

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